Frequently Asked Questions about the Friends of ICSW Gender Balance Initiative

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Friends of ICSW Talent Bank database and service on local boards and commissions. For further information, contact the Friends of ICSW at or contact your local city or county office. 

What kind of boards and commissions exist? Friends of ICSW Talent Bank
There are many local of boards and commissions that serve a variety of community interests. These include, among others, planning and zoning, parks and recreation, health, economic development, library, utilities, compensation and more.  If you are interested in serving on a local board or commission, your mayor or county executive should be able to provide you with a list of openings.

What is the time commitment required for service on a board or commission?
Time commitment for board service varies greatly. You can learn more about time commitment by contacting your city or county offices.  .

Will I be compensated for my efforts as a board or commission member?
Compensation is usually limited to travel expenses, if any, or other specifically approved expenses related to your service.

What happens when I complete the Talent Bank form in the Friends of ICSW website?
When you complete the online Talent Bank form in the Friends website, your information will be added to the database which can be viewed by local officials who are interested in finding talented women to serve.  Friends of ICSW will display your name, city and county of residence and your contact information so community leaders can contact you.  The appointment process is competitive and slow. Don't be discouraged if you don't hear anything for quite some time.

Will my name be available for any other use? 
The Friends may use your mailing and/or email address to send you information about upcoming events, if any, in your community.  Please note, however, that your name and contact information will be public in the Friends database. 

What else can I do to increase the possibility of receiving an appointment?
Take an active role in your community, work on political campaigns, get to know the individual who makes these appointments--or become that person.

If I am interested in serving on a local board or commission, how do I apply? 
Complete the Friends of ICSW Talent Bank online form and contact your city and county offices to find out what opportunities exist for service. 

Do I need to update my form once I've been added to the data base?
If your contact information changes, if you move or if you redefine your interests, you should complete a new online form so that the Friends of ICSW can update your information.

Friends of the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women | PO BOX 71234 | Clive, IA 50325