For Women

We encourage you to submit your credentials for opportunities to help shape your local community.

Serving on local advisory and regulatory boards not only involves women in governance, it expands one’s capabilities for future leadership possibilities. Being a community role model for women and girls can be a first step to increasing one’s career and political opportunities.

Women are encouraged to find out how the application, nomination and confirmation processes work in their counties and communities. It is important that qualified women not underestimate their value; some seats require only that one live in a specific community. Women should
apply and let local governments consider their needs against the applicant’s qualifications.

Download a copy of “A Five Step Guide to City and County Boards and Commissions and How to Apply".


Submit Your Information to the Friends Talent Bank
Please add your information to the Friends of ICSW Talent Bank database so that your community leaders can see that you are interested in serving. The Friends of ICSW will display a database with your name, city and county of residence and your contact information. Community leaders can browse the Talent Bank database to find women who are willing to serve.

Please copy and paste the entire url for the PUBLIC PROFILE from your LinkedIn page.  For example: http://linkedin/yourname....

Friends of the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women | PO BOX 71234 | Clive, IA 50325

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