Women You Know, Women You Want to Meet | 2010


Extraordinary women have graciously opened their homes to host Women You Know, Women You Want to Meet.

Women You Know, Women You Want to Meet - Eastern Iowa
Thursday, January 28, 2010
Hosted by University of Iowa President Sally Mason
At the Historic University of Iowa President's Home in Iowa City
Catered by Grounds and Goodies

University of Iowa President, Sally Mason, graciously opened her home to host the inaugural Women You Know, Women You Want to Meet in the Iowa City - Cedar Rapids Corridor. The weather was fine, the food and beverages were excellent and the conversation and good will were extraordinary!

Thank you to all those who registered and attended this event and especially to our hosts for their support of Iowa women and girls.

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Women You Know, Women You Want to Meet - Des Moines
Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Hosted by Ambassador Mary Kramer (Ret.) and Lorraine May, Esq.
At the Home of Lorraine May in Des Moines
Catered by County Club Market Chef Terrie Kohl

On September 15, 2010, Attorney Lorraine May graciously opened her home to more than 100 women, while her co-host, Ambassador Mary Kramer (Ret.) provided the perfect entertainment, i.e., performance-level piano music. Chef Terrie Kohl of Country Club Market Catering cooked up delicious food, while our co-hosts provided wine and mouthwatering desserts.

Thank you to our Eastern Iowa Sponsors!

Lu Barron
Lisa Bluder
Amy Johnson Boyle
Lee Clancey
Peggy Doerge
Madgetta Dungy
Susan Frye
Kay Halloran
Jeni Hanselman
LInda Langston
Lynette Marshall
Mary Mascher
Kate Minette 
Jill Olsen

Hazel Pegues
Diane Ramsey
Dottie Ray
Carroll Reasoner
Rose Rennekamp
Kathleen Reyner
Nancy Richardson
Linda Schreiber
Janey Slimak
Julie Stewart
Sally Stutsman
Faye Swift
Elizabeth Trcka
Thank you to our Des Moines Sponsors!
Helen Adams
Margaret Borgen
Joy Corning
Michelle Durand-Adams
Rachelle Hunt Russian
Barbara Lukavsky
Charlotte Nelson
Sally Pederson
Phyllis Peters
Mary Riche

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